Your Story

is Worth Telling

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About Us

We are a film company based in Dallas, TX and telling stories worldwide. Saltbox started in 2011 and we're stoked everyday for the continued opportunities to partner with some amazing organizations across the globe. We've told stories of sustainable coffee farms in Honduras, to clothing companies that empower single mothers in Colombia, to organizations that use running as a tool to break homelessness in the US, to start-up business brand films. 



Telling stories through film is a process. We take pride in understanding your brand, your culture, and your audience. Following this process insures that we stick to our values as a creative team and deliver a film that will stand the test of time. It's your legacy we value. It's your name we champion.

01. Believe

You believe in your message.  We believe in your message. That's something we can stand behind!

02. Commit

Building a lasting relationship allows us to establish a real connection with your audience. We're in this for the long haul!

03. Learn

This is where we grow in understanding your culture, your audience, your story. It's the atmosphere, people, style, experience and connection you desire to make with your audience. 

04. Create

We want to create films that connect to your audience with the deepest understanding of your brand and cause them to engage in the legacy your company is creating.