Souls Harbor

Souls Harbor + Saltbox



Souls Harbor is seeking to raise capital to rebuild / renovate its facilities. We need to quickly inform people of what Souls Harbor does and how effective they are and then pull at their hearts to invest in the future of this good mission. What we want people to KNOW who Souls Harbor is and understand the importance of this work. We want people to feel connected to the individuals that Souls Harbor helps and think that this could be them one day. Or make them feel this is their calling to help (like David). We want people to fall in love with the men of Souls Harbor and have their heart moved to open their wallets and invest in the future of these men.



Pre Production: Meetings / identifying who is to be on camera / location scout / schedule planning

Shoot day 1

Building location

Action shots of guys working

2-3 guys interviews

Interview of Brent

Interview of David

Facility shots

Shoot Day 2

Thrift store shots

Follow some guys doing a donations pick up

Follow up on anything missed on Day 1

Post Production: Editing / color correction / music selection / draft delivery / 3 rounds of revisions / final delivery


Investment:  $4,800


Investment includes:


Client Interviews

Pre-Production (storyboarding / scripting / planning)

(2) shoot days

Editing - color correction - post production

3 rounds of revisions by Souls Harbor (if needed)

Final film delivery (digital)



Saltbox will advise on best practices on how to share the film, where to share the film, and how to best use the film to raise your goal. Souls Harbor raises 3 million dollars and we all celebrate at Watermark coffee house! Coffees are on us.



Project Example - 1

Client: Cafe Momentum -

Story: Cafe Momentum is a restaurant and culinary training program for juvenile offenders at Dallas County Youth Village. From the restaurant to case management, operations to development, the entire Café Momentum team works together to support, train and coach their interns. They surround their interns with an ecosystem of support, providing essential tools and resources, to create real change in these young lives.

"I’ve been told every reason why it won’t work, everything from 'these kids will never show up, these kids can’t cook this food, restaurants constantly fail'… over and over and over and over again…Someone has to believe in these kids. Might as well be me!"
- Chad Houser, founder of Cafe Momentum


Client: Back On My Feey -

Story: Back on My Feet combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources. BOMF seeks to revolutionize the way our society approaches homelessness. They believe that by first restoring confidence, strength and self-esteem, individuals are better equipped to tackle the road ahead and move toward jobs, homes and new lives. BOMF first engaged us 4 years ago to create an About Us film. Since then we have been able to get deeper into storytelling with them by highlighting the powerful stories of some of their members. Every year we work together to create a film for their annual Breakfast fundraiser. This years film was created to show at their annual breakfast fundraiser which raised $250k for the organization.

"I have enjoyed working with Saltbox for the last three years. The team is patient and supportive of ideas while adding their own creative spin. The finished product I receive is consistently outstanding and I would strongly recommend them to my friends and work associates." 

- Gina Parker, CVA Executive Director, Back on My Feet Dallas-Fort Worth