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Book Club

Book Club Cafe

Book Club Cafe is a restaurant and coffee shop located in downtown Rockwall, Tx.  

BELIEVE: They believe in creating a sense of community and giving people who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere a place to ‘belong’.

COMMIT: Over the past 6 months we have invested ourselves into the community and culture of Book Club, and are in a position to be a long term strategy consultant on their storytelling into the future. Book Club is a place full of stories just waiting to be told.

LEARN: We spent hours getting to know Jeremy and his heart and the desires he had for the restaurant, and saw first hand the community that is being built.

CREATE: We were called to create a film to share the story of community at Book Club with the desire to communicate to others the opportunity to be included.

"As a boy growing up in the urban jungle of Oak Cliff, I dreamed of a day when as a man I would own a business that visually would deserve being filmed. That day came my friends, and they only company that could fulfill my selfish demands was Saltbox."

Jeremy Standifer, Owner - Book Club Cafe / Book Club Coffee

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