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Project Example 1

Back on My Feet combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources. 

BELIEVE: BOMF seeks to revolutionize the way our society approaches homelessness. They believe that by first restoring confidence, strength and self-esteem, individuals are better equipped to tackle the road ahead and move toward jobs, homes and new lives.

COMMIT: BOMF first engaged us 4 years ago to create an About Us film. Since then we have been able to get deeper into storytelling with them by highlighting the powerful stories of some of their members. Every year we work together to create a film for their annual Breakfast fundraiser.

LEARN: Over the years we have been given access to every aspect of the BOMF program. By investing time in their program and learning from the individuals involved we are able to tell the BOMF story from a place that only comes from being part of their community.

CREATE: This years film was created to show at their annual breakfast fundraiser which raised $250k for the organization.

"I have enjoyed working with Saltbox for the last three years. The team is patient and supportive of ideas while adding their own creative spin. The finished product I receive is consistently outstanding and I would strongly recommend them to my friends and work associates." 

- Gina Parker, CVA Executive Director, Back on My Feet Dallas-Fort Worth



Project Example 2

Dondolo is a children's clothing company with a focus on empowering mothers everywhere. 

BELIEVE: Dondolo believes in empowering motherhood. Whether through employment programs and clothing donations in Colombia, or giving moms here in the US the comfort of knowing their children are in the best clothing possible.  

COMMIT: We first travelled to Colombia with Dondolo 2 years ago to tell their story. We have experienced the power of giving back alongside the Dondolo team, which has allowed us to really be part of their culture. Our working relationship has expanded into social content, nationwide catalog shoots, and individual highlight films.

LEARN: We have been able to travel to Colombia several times and see first hand the impact that Dondolo is able to make with its empowerment programs.

CREATE: With our longterm relationship with Dondolo, we have been able to establish a very strong social presence. These films are great examples of short content that really connects with their audience. 


Project Details

  • Pre-Production - Meetings to discuss trip and determine desired outcomes of the films. Location research / permit research / travel plans. Estimated 4 hours
  • Shoot Days - Estimated 3 shoot days: Footage before the trip. Footage during the two performance days of the trip. Footage/interviews of main characters experiencing New York / DC
  • Editing Time - Organize and Cull all footage shot. Build multiple edits. Post Production / Color correcting / exporting Includes revision time from client. 24 hours billed
  • Travel - TBD : Based on days required Ideally we would stay in the same hotels as the choir


Total Investment + Travel & lodging