Who We Are

Saltbox is a production outfit based in Dallas, creating movement worldwide. We started in 2011 and haven't stopped chasing stories since. From artisans in our community to empowering mothers in Colombia to organizations breaking the cycle of homelessness here in the US we believe in content that moves people. We are easy going dudes who love to adventure, play with legos, and climb a good tree for the simple fact that we still can. 


We spent years refining our approach to creating content and have built a process around 4 core values. We take time to listen and learn about your brand, culture, and audience to ensure that the content we create is what you’ve been dreaming of. Following this process ensures that we stick to our values as a creative team and deliver content that will stand the test of time.


Book Club Cafe

Book Club Cafe is a restaurant and coffee shop located in downtown Rockwall, Tx.  

BELIEVE: They believe in creating a sense of community and giving people who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere a place to ‘belong’.

COMMIT: Over the past 6 months we have invested ourselves into the community and culture of Book Club, and are in a position to be a long term strategy consultant on their storytelling into the future. Book Club is a place full of stories just waiting to be told.

LEARN: We spent hours getting to know Jeremy and his heart and the desires he had for the restaurant, and saw first hand the community that is being built.

CREATE: We were called to create a film to share the story of community at Book Club with the desire to communicate to others the opportunity to be included.

"As a boy growing up in the urban jungle of Oak Cliff, I dreamed of a day when as a man I would own a business that visually would deserve being filmed. That day came my friends, and they only company that could fulfill my selfish demands was Saltbox."
Jeremy Standifer, Owner - Book Club Cafe / Book Club Coffee


Dondolo is a children's clothing company with a focus on empowering mothers everywhere. 

BELIEVE: Dondolo believes in empowering motherhood. Whether through employment programs and clothing donations in Colombia, or giving moms here in the US the comfort of knowing their children are in the best clothing possible.  

COMMIT: We first travelled to Colombia with Dondolo 2 years ago to tell their story. We have experienced the power of giving back alongside the Dondolo team, which has allowed us to really be part of their culture. Our working relationship has expanded into social content, nationwide catalog shoots, and individual highlight films.

LEARN: We have been able to travel to Colombia several times and see first hand the impact that Dondolo is able to make with its empowerment programs.

CREATE: This film was a refresh on the original film we created for them, and is featured on their homepage as the main storytelling tool for their mission.  

"What I love about working with Saltbox is how they take my vision and my dream and exactly what I have in my crazy head and put it into reality."
Catalina Gonzalez, Owner / Designer / CEO Dondolo

United Way Dallas

United Way of Metro Dallas believes everyone in Metro Dallas deserves a quality education, a stable income, and good health.  

BELIEVE: United Way invests in the most effective local programs and unites donors and volunteers with organizations who are focused on producing real results in the areas of education, financial stability, and health.

COMMIT: We have been able to get really involved in the culture of United Way and build a long relationship with their marketing team.

LEARN: We spent enough time with United Way to really learn their hopes and dreams they wished to achieve through storytelling, and the rich depth of stories that they have.

CREATE: We have been involved in several of United Ways digital campaigns and have created different types of content including short films, PSA pieces, and informational “Introductory” films for 14 of their non-profit partners. One example is for F.A.R.M., shown above.

"Clay Hervey and his team at Saltbox shine a brilliant light on United Way's critical work through captivating, compelling video storytelling.  Their innovative work has helped bring to life the stories of countless North Texans who have brighter futures, thanks to United Way volunteers, partners and programs.  This team's talent has been instrumental in creatively communicating United Way's commitment to changing lives."   
--Jennifer Sampson | McDermott-Templeton President and CEO
United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Back on My Feet

Back on My Feet combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources. 

BELIEVE: BOMF seeks to revolutionize the way our society approaches homelessness. They believe that by first restoring confidence, strength and self-esteem, individuals are better equipped to tackle the road ahead and move toward jobs, homes and new lives.

COMMIT: BOMF first engaged us 4 years ago to create an About Us film. Since then we have been able to get deeper into storytelling with them by highlighting the powerful stories of some of their members. Every year we work together to create a film for their annual Breakfast fundraiser.

LEARN: Over the years we have been given access to every aspect of the BOMF program. By investing time in their program and learning from the individuals involved we are able to tell the BOMF story from a place that only comes from being part of their community.

CREATE: This years film was created to show at their annual breakfast fundraiser which raised $250k for the organization.

"I have enjoyed working with Saltbox for the last three years. The team is patient and supportive of ideas while adding their own creative spin. The finished product I receive is consistently outstanding and I would strongly recommend them to my friends and work associates."
Gina Parker, CVA
Executive Director, Back on My Feet Dallas-Fort Worth

Matt Henry


Matt's love for filmmaking and telling stories stems from his roots in photography. When he's not making films with Saltbox, you can find him with friends and family with a camera in hand. The Henry's are Kacie, Braelynn & Colsen + their pup Brody.

Clay Hervey

Co-FOUNDER - Creative Director

Clay has been designing and making films professionally since 2007. Combine his love for building with Lego and curiosity of photography as a child and a career in filmmaking is no surprise. When Clay isn't crafting and creating films he is adventuring with his wife Annie, and two sons Harrison & Dylan.