Watch out, we'll get crafty on ya...

For our recent wedding adventure weekend for Reid and Michelle in the San Diego area, we knew we had to go above and beyond. One of the things we had talked to Michelle about was doing our photobooth at their reception. We talked long and hard about bringing our setup with us all the way to California (which isn’t exactly air travel friendly) but we ultimately decided to go in a different direction. Thank goodness we did.

Our normal setup is a backdrop with tripod stands and a lot of poles to hold it up, but Reid and Michelle were holding their reception outdoors in a beautiful park. Their decoration was vintage and rustic, and our normal setup just didn’t seem to fit. After some research we decided to make an attempt at a fabric strip backdrop. Which at first, seemed pretty easy. It was surely going to be easier to travel with than our normal setup, I mean, how much fabric would we really need?? After doing the math, I was a tad bit concerned. To cover the amount of area we needed to ensure a good background, we needed quite a bit more than i thought. Then the thought of cutting ALL of that fabric into TINY strips seemed a bit daunting.

I knew it would be worth it if we pulled it off. We discussed with Michelle what the best color options / patterns would be to match her reception and we were off. I enlisted the help of my trusty fashion experts to take me to a secret fabric supplier store where affordable fabric could be found. We picked out 4 colors, had the yardage cut, and my wonderful mother (who is quite the seamstress) cut all of our yardage into strips. This project WOULD NOT have happened without her.


We snagged some rope, rolled up our fabric and headed off to California. This wedding was extra special and very different. The timeline was Friday morning balloon ride wedding followed by a Saturday reception in the park. So after being up at 3:45 am and shooting ALL DAY we got to work on tying the photobooth backdrop together. Surprisingly, it was a really fast process. With team work and cooperation we knocked it out in just over an hour.


The end result was AWESOME!


Reid and Michelle loved it, and the photobooth was an excellent addition to their reception. So glad we went the extra mile and made something unique and special for their reception. Check out the film and stay tuned for more exciting things soon!