Lance & Chele

Lance and Chele….. where to begin. First of all, they are incredible. We can’t imagine a more perfect couple for our filmmaking approach to weddings. They are creative, passionate, and gave tons of input on how they wanted their film to come out, and we loved it. Lance and Chele share a special bond; a love of Wes Anderson films. They knew they wanted to carry this love over into how their wedding film was shot. Us also loving Wes Anderson films made this an absolutely perfect match. We were able to put together some scenes that would pay homage to the genius that is Mr. Anderson, but also film a great deal of the wedding in our Saltbox style to mesh well with our staged scenes. The final product is something VERY special and we couldn’t be happier with it. We hope you enjoy!


Concerto No. 3 in C Minor Op. 37_1 Allegro – Beethoven
Mr. Harmonica – Old Daisy -
Kites – Geographer -

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