Bee Season

We started an adventure with a beekeeper in March. A film about Gary, the beekeeper. Bees are a very interesting element in our environment and little did we know how much they impact us. We still do not fully understand it, but we do know that it's extremely difficult for the urban farmer. 

Looking forward to digging into all the footage we've been gathering since March and piecing together his story. Spent a little time with him the other day to get the last bit of footage for the end of this season. Majority of the bees did not survive the Dallas County West Nile spraying (in addition to other pesticide sprayings) and resulted in dying colonies and an empty harvest. No honey and limited bees that will most likely not survive the winter.

Grabbed a few photos while we were filming. This shows just a little of the damage to the hives and a look into what is to come with the documentary we're working on.

cheers - M

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