Back On My Feet

We spent some time filming a short film for an amazing organization called Back On My Feet. Check them out They have some pretty amazing stories of people overcoming homelessness, struggles, addictions, etc... all with the impact from running. There's a sense of camaraderie here and they believe that if you can get up at 5:00am and run, you can do pretty much anything. This gives the runners the driving force to get back out there in the world and back on their feet again. There's a lot more to their program so I'd encourage you to check out their site. So many of their runners are not only running through the streets of their hometowns, they are running races and marathons. There's hope here on the streets where these runners take pride. They love not only what Back on My Feet has done for them, but I feel like they genuinely love themselves more. Props to my friends at BoMF and what they are doing for the greater good.


Did some interviews of some of the leaders and also a few runners. Below are a few Behind The Scene shots we were able to take between filming segments. *click the photo for larger / full image.

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