Package 1 - $900

A quick shoot and quick production turn around. Targeted for the business or individual that needs a short film ranging between 90-120 seconds (under 2 minutes). 

* The Details: 1 Location and 2-3 hour shoot timeline. 1 Promo Highlight Film under 2 minutes. *Music license fee extra.

(will include 1-2 Saltbox Cameras) 

Package 2 - $1,300

It's all in the details. For the business or individual that needs more information and production in their film. 2-3 minute film. Targeted towards showcasing a specific product, service, features in your brand.

The Details: 1-2 Locations and 4-5 hour shoot timeline. 1 Feature Highlight Film 2-3 minutes. *Music license fee extra.

(will include 2 Saltbox Cameras)

Package 3 - $2,500

Full Feature. It's time to get planning. Let's hash out your brand and marketing strategy with this film. This package is our most popular. Focusing on the different elements of your business and telling the story of who you are and why you do what you do. 

The Details: Up to 3 Locations and 8 hour shoot timeline. 1 Promo Highlight Film under 2 minutes + 1 Full Feature Film 2-4 minutes. *Music license fee extra.

(will include 2-3 Saltbox Cameras)

Package 4 - $3,800

The Bee's Knees. We meet for an in depth case study of your business. We get to know the culture of your brand and marketing strategy. Face to face meeting and unlimited Web-Chat meetings. You're busy, we get it. So we provide a flexible schedule to meet around your calendar. 

This film package is focused on your brand and extremely focused on your specific target audience. With multiple platforms of social networking, we create different avenues to share your films.

The Details: Multiple locations and up to a 3-day shoot timeline. 1 Promo Highlight Film 1-2 minutes, 1-2 Full Highlight Films 2-3 minutes each, 1 Feature Film 3-5 minutes, and Instagram friendly 15 second teaser clips. *Music license fee extra.

(will include 3 Saltbox Cameras)


* Music License fees vary. There are many different variables that determine what category your film falls under. We will help you determine what is best for your film and your business.


Need more time? Add an extra day to your shoot - $750

Instagram ready to share teaser clips - $80 per 15 second clip

Traveling outside the Dallas/Ft Worth area? - Contact us for a custom quote

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